Video Preview (non-youtube)



I wanted to know if there was a solution to showing non-youtube videos in an inline browser?

Right now it just presents an link for download.

Thank you.


We can’t watch MP4 videos in an inline browser, too.

We use:
Mattermost Team Edition (with Docker)
Version: 3.4.0 (3.4.0-rc2)


Hi guys, quick question what browser are you running? does it support the playback of mp4 files?

We have a fallback in place to show the download link in case there was an error loading the file or if the browser does not support it.


In most cases, our users are on Chrome.


I haven’t been able to repro, does this still happen to you guys?


Yes. It still has been occured.
I’ve tested by using Chrome/Firefox/IE (Windows7 64bit).


Hi @csduarte and @motoo.a,

Right now, Mattermost can only play videos that the browser reports are playable, so can you try downloading the video file, opening it directly in the browser with Ctrl+O (Cmd+O if you’re on a Mac), and seeing if it runs?



I have the same issue as the users above. I am using Mattermost Team Edition (with Docker) version 4.6. I am unable to watch any video I upload no matter which device I try to view it in. The download link is showing on the latest desktop version and browsers, but I cannot view the video inline. When I try to play/download the video on any mobile device, it does nothing. It doesn’t even let you download. You can only view the play image. Any help would be much appreciated.


Hi @usc1787,

Thanks for your feedback,

Can you share which mobile app you are using? Is it the classic app downloaded from the app store / play store?

I’ve tried to reproduce your issue on our nightly build server running off the latest master using the Mattermost app (not classic) from the app store and can confirm that an mp4 video plays for me on my iOS device. (After uploading a video file, you will first need to click on “download” to download it to your device and once it’s downloaded the “download” changes to a “play” button)


Getting this issue as well. I’m unable to play any mp4 file from the Web UI, all I’m getting is this:

<video src="foo.mp4"></video> plays OK on any web page, so my browser is definitely capable of playing mp4 videos.

I’m using chrome 64.0.3282.140 on Ubuntu Linux 17.10.

Mattermost server version: Version : 4.6.0 Enterprise Edition
Database : postgres

Version hash: 58defb7424773c75718f0173f4ace702cffa4f0e
EE version hash: 721817a2503c55d24da15aebb0181ec794012058
Compilation date: Tue Jan 16 00:00:18 UTC 2018