Mattermost Peer-to-Peer Forum

Trouble Shooting

The Troubleshooting forum is a peer-to-peer forum for helping to solve installation and configuration issues from the Mattermost community.

Feature Idea Discussion

Feature Idea Discussion is used to:

General Questions

General questions about Mattermost that don't fall under another topic. If the question is asked repeatedly, or if it pertains to an issue that will persist with Mattermost (versus something that gets solved), the topic may migrate to Frequently Asked Questions.

Developer Discussion

Discuss developer questions related to contributing code, working with Mattermost APIs or other developer-specific topics:


Category to discuss and showcase plugins!


Updates from the Mattermost core team. We'll try to be concise and informative.

Enterprise Edition

Discussion, questions, troubleshooting and feature ideas about Mattermost Enterprise Edition:

Professional Services

This category is for connecting people who want to deploy Mattermost with knowledgeable professionals who can help with the deployment:


Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Frequently Asked Questions

[Frequently asked questions to help the community install, deploy and modify Mattermost]


This top level category is for non-English Mattermost communities to discuss and ask questions about Mattermost within the English-language forum.

Office Hours

Office Hours are regular times in the week the Mattermost core team meets with members of the community over Google Hangouts to answer questions and hear community feedback.

Accepting Pull Requests

Accepting Pull Requests is used to discuss accepting pull request projects