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Team Statistics no longer showing graphs

Team Statistics page is showing the numbers, but no longer shows the graphs and says " Not enough data for a meaningful representation."

About a week ago the Team Statistics page suddenly stopped showing the graphs for any of the teams selected. The numbers do show, and the Site Statistics graphs still work. I figured it had something to do with the beginning of the month, but it is still not showing anything. I don’t know if I clicked something I shouldn’t have, or what happened.

I saw a couple other posts that said an adblocker could cause problems on this page. I tried both the latest Firefox and Chrome with adblocker disabled, and new Edge with no adblocker installed (all on Windows 10 Pro 1909).


The setup is fairly new, as we’re trying it out.
Mattermost version 5.27.0 (free version)
Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS
MySQL version: 5.7.31-0ubuntu0.18.04.1

Hello, @BrandonH75

In general, the issue is related to the Ad Blocker. Since you mentioned that you have attempted this on the latest Firefox and Chrome (with the adblocker disabled) but the issue persisted, may I know if you have tried the desktop app as well to verify the behavior?

Also, can you also confirm if you have tried Incognito mode of Chrome?

Thanks for your reply!

I have also tried the desktop app (v 4.5.4 64-bit) and Incognito mode in Chrome (86.0.4240.75 64-bit) with the same results. I rebooted the server again just to be sure, but so far no graphs for the team statistics yet. Site Statistics graphs still work.


We have the same problem with our Mattmost instance. There are no graphs in the team statistics, just “not enough data”. The graphs in the site statistics page are working.

Ubuntu 18.04
Mattermost version 5.27.0 (Gitlab Omnibus)

Tried with app and multiple browsers.

Hello @MichaelD, can I ask how many total messages and users your Mattermost Instance currently has total? I had the same thing show up for me when I first installed my instance, but after about 10 users, and 500 messages sent, it did show up for me.


500 users
200k messages

It worked for years, now it suddendly stopped working

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Hi, @MichaelD

For sanity check purposes before I reach out internally, can you please confirm that the behavior is reproducible across the desktop app and the incognito web browser?

When you mentioned that it suddenly stopped working, do you recall any changes done on the server prior to the absence of the graphs?

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Just checked in a Firefox private tab. Same result.
The site statistics graphs are shown properly. The team statistics graphs are not shown.

An example team from our server:

Total Active Users

Public Channels

Private Channels

Total Posts

Total Posts

Not enough data for a meaningful representation.

Active Users With Posts

Not enough data for a meaningful representation.

Regarding changes. We just update Mattermost with the Gitlab omnibus package monthly. I cannot say when the graphs stopped working. We also had a OS migration (Ubuntu 16.04 ->18.04) this year on the server, but againg, I cannot say if the behavior started after the migration or later.

Just checking in on this…we’re up to 5.32.1 now, with several new teams and a bunch of new users, and still the graphs aren’t showing in any browser or the app on Windows 10 20H2.

Have you checked your Mattermost error log files to see if there are any anomalies or issues that have been picked up and logged by the system? If you haven’t already, setting your instance’s logging level to DEBUG may be quite helpful in checking for errors.

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