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Problem compiling/running MPNS

We have a specific use-case for MPNS where we need to alter the message sent out for both Android and iOS push service. Since this is very unique to our scenario I am trying to make that change in the codebase and trying to build and deploy the executable locally as adviced in this document https://docs.mattermost.com/mobile/mobile-compile-yourself.html. The build process goes through without any issue but when the service is started we see this error in the log file.

/opt/mattermost-push-proxy/bin/mattermost-push-proxy: 1: /opt/mattermost-push-proxy/bin/matt�: not foundproxy: ����
/opt/mattermost-push-proxy/bin/mattermost-push-proxy: 2: /opt/mattermost-push-proxy/bin/mattermost-push-proxy: Syntax error: "(" unexpected

The code runs fine when we run it locally using make run. Wondering if the issue was my code change, I reverted back to what the source code was but saw the same issue.

Source code I am trying: https://github.com/mattermost/mattermost-push-proxy/archive/v5.9.0.zip

Any direction or help here would be greatly appreciated.

Also noticed a similar question but had no resolution on it: #4829

Thank you,

After hours of fighting finally figured it out. I was generating the build on my Mac and using that to run on an Ubuntu server. The executables are not compatible!