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Private messages bulk export


Hallo :slight_smile: I am running a mattermost server (v 5.10) on a Bitnami installation and I want to move the content to another server using the bulk export tool.

The general bulk export command “sudo ./mattermost export bulk file.json --all-teams” as meantioned in the docs works but it doesn’t export direct messages and private group messages.

Shouldn’t this work with version 5.10 like the changelog claimed?

I tried to specify the command but all the options that the command allows is “–all-teams”. How can I specify that direct messages are exported too? Is that even possible?

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:


Hi @leon,

Thank you for reaching out,

Did you try this section in our docs:


Hi @amy.blais

thank you for your answer. I checked the documentation for the bulk command and also this page but how to I specify the direct channel object in the export command? So far neither the direct channels nor the messages are part of the file.json file.