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Ordering comments by date oldest to newest (instead of newest to oldest)?

Any way to order comments from oldest to newest? For our use case, it’s better if we see the development of an idea, rather than the latest news. Here’s an example

  1. I agree! (sent Tuesday)
  2. What if we started giving away free coffee? (sent Monday)


  1. What if we started giving away free coffee? (sent Monday)
  2. I agree! (sent Tuesday)

is there a setting for this? can it be personalized for each board?

Thanks @jonathan-chin appreciate your feedback!

To keep feature idea discussions in one place, could we have your help:

  1. Contributing this in the feature idea forum so it can be discussed, upvoted and considered for a ticket accepting pull requests?

  2. Posting a link back from the feature idea forum to this thread?

If you’re interested in implementing, please say so and we’ll prioritize the review.

You get 10 votes in the feature idea forum, and each one influences the future of the project.