Disabling user email notifications by default


It looks like you have to set “Settings > Notifications > Email > Enable email notifications” to true in order to turn off “Preview Mode”. Is there some way to change the default user account setting “Notifications > Email notifications” to be “Never”, so when our users sign up they don’t get a bunch of emails unless they really want to?


Hi @ryantm,

Thanks for your question,

I’ll check with a product manager but, at present, I don’t think there is a way to turn off email notifications in the system console without having the ‘preview mode’ banner displayed.


@ryantm Not currently, although you can consider enabling email batching in System Console > Notifications > Email. This will bundle emails together from a set time period.

Have you found people complaining about being inundated with too many email notifications?


Hi, Jason.

We haven’t started using Mattermost extensively yet, and I just turned on the email notifications, so I’m not sure. However, at my company, we do not use email for internal communication at all (we use IRC almost exclusively), so getting any emails at all will be kind of annoying. Also, some people at the company don’t really even have email, but would still be using the chat.