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Banning (Free self hosted edition)

Hello all,

When I ban a user, will he get an IP ban? Or just on its username?
At the moment we are using discord with the very irritating 8mb file limit. We have had loads of troll accounts, how to stop them on Mattermost?

Hi, @Keuzenkamp

I won’t say banning is the best word (unless you are really looking at banning) but when you deactivate the user, you cannot reuse the email and the username since the record stays in the database until you delete the user from the instance completely.

May I know if that helps to answer the question that you have here?

Well, we have had loads of troll attacks with fake accounts in the past of several platforms. Blocking IP adresses did help.
I mean trolls never use their over email account, and they can get as many free mail adresses as they want.

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Hi, @Keuzenkamp

Got it. That makes a lot of sense. In this scenario, it will make more sense to perform this on the network level of the server since Mattermost does not perform IP bans for users.

Does Mattermost log IP adresses? So I can add them to the server firewall or whatever?

I don’t believe that Mattermost logs IP addresses specifically, however, your web server’s logs should contain an access log, which will have the IP addresses and URL requests of all web connections requested and made to the server, you would be able to grab them from there. I also noticed a while back that there is a Column in the Mattermost database that logs the user’s IP address as well, although I haven’t been able to really pinpoint what exactly causes that logging to be triggered.

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