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Windows 10 desktop app crash after downloading attachment

I have changed download location to “D:\Downloads”.

Application: Mattermost 4.7.0 [commit: b757742
Platform: Windows_NT 10.0.19043 x64
TypeError: Cannot read property ‘name’ of null
at new DownloadNotification (C:\Program Files\Mattermost\Desktop\resources\app.asar\index.js:62412:63)
at displayDownloadCompleted (C:\Program Files\Mattermost\Desktop\resources\app.asar\index.js:62249:20)
at DownloadItem. (C:\Program Files\Mattermost\Desktop\resources\app.asar\index.js:651:53)
at DownloadItem.emit (events.js:315:20)

i had this problem a few hours ago. Just uninstall the Mattermost desktop client, delete the Mattermost directory in appdata and now install Mattermost again. This should work.

Best regards firejumper