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White Screen of Death while upgrading from 5.35.5 to 5.36.2

We run mattermost team edition on a centos 7 server with postgres 12.7, and when I attempt to upgrade our install to 5.36.2, the mobile client connects fine to it, but the desktop client and web browser client both display white screens.


  1. From version 5.35.2, stop the server.
  2. Backup config, data, logs, and plugins directories.
  3. rm -rf mattermost directory
  4. untar 5.36.2
  5. copy backup files above back in.
  6. chown -R mattermost:mattermost mattermost to ensure permissions
  7. run server
  8. attempt to connect to url through browser or desktop app

Expected behavior:
I would expect to be able to connect to the server and see the chatroom interface.

Observed Behavior:
I get redirected to the last room url my session was in and receive a white screen. There is only one error in the log file that says “invalid or expired session, please log in again”. Clearing cookies brings up a login screen, but once I log in again I get the same white screen.

My next step in testing this is to backup the database, drop it, and start fresh to see if it’s an issue with database data/schema or an issue with config/install. Any advice is appreciated. Not sure when I’ll get around to this as server is working for now and I can’t do anything during office hours.