Using the mobile emoji keyboard renders "?" on other platforms


Using the mobile emoji keyboard renders “???” on other platforms.

When users use the internal Mattermost Emoji-System (typing : etc. or choosing from the emoji-List on the desktop client/desktop browser) everything looks good. But especially on mobile, users tend to just user their regular emoji keyboards.

There is potentially a combined Client-Backend-encoding problem. Clients send the Emoji Unicode to Server and somewhere on the way (Sending, Server-Side-Saving, or Delivering to others clients) there is a “translation” problem.

Original Twitter thread here:

Here are sample screenshots:

  1. MacOS-Mattermost-App (ver. 4.0.1)

  2. MacOS-Firefox

  3. iOS Classic App

  4. iOS RN App: You can see that the emoji rendered here work fine. However, those posted from the Android RN App render as “???” as well