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User post fails with "Unable to save the post ... contains unexpected zero page at block 2079"

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User unable to post messages - “Unable to save the post … contains unexpected zero page at block 2079”.

Steps to reproduce

Mattermost Team Edition 5.25.3

Expected behavior

Successful post of message.

Observed behavior

After server failure and subsequent VM snapshot restore, at least 1 user experienced this issue. No other reported issues.

Error message “Unable to save the post … contains unexpected zero page at block 2079”.

Hello, @jpclarks

Since you mentioned that it is happening to other users so far, let us narrow down the issue if it is specific to the user account or rather the client that the user is on.

Can you please confirm if the problem is constantly reproducible for different clients (desktop app after clearing the cache and reload as well as the incognito mode of the web browser)? It is happening for every message that the user is trying to send on public / private channel / DM?

As you mentioned about server failure, I came across the Error index contains unexpected zero page at block 0 and reindexing helped to fix it. Can you check the database logs and determine the table index that potentially got corrupted when the server went down before running the REINDEX INDEX <corrupted_index>; command?

Yes it is only happening for one user at the moment. The user experiences the same error with the desktop client (after Ctrl+Shift+R) and a web browser (incognito as well). It happens with public / private channel / DM messages.

I’ll check on the linked post.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction @ahmaddanial! The log message indicated the error was in the idx_posts_user_id index. After running REINDEX INDEX idx_posts_user_id; the issue was resolved.