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Use URL subdirectory instead of port


My Mattermost server(4.6.0) is using http://myserver:8065
I would like to use http://myserver/mattermost instead.
Mattermost is being hosted in Apache so we are talking about VirtualHost with ProxyPass setup.
I’ve found a guide (mattermost apache2 unofficial setup) to do something similar but it doesn’t work for my scenario.

The browser returns:
Cannot Connect to Mattermost
not found

Any suggestions?



guide URL:


this is something that is currently not possible with Mattermost. See and for more information.


This feature has been implemented.

Could you include it in release v5.1.0 if its not already included.

I’m really looking forward to it.


Hi @RbDev! v5.1 will include support for serving Mattermost from subpaths!

Here are links to tickets that have been completed: