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Untrusted Certificate on Android Mattermost app

Mattermost version 5.25.1
Mattermost Android App - Updated to latest on July 15, 2020


I’m attempting to connect to our Mattermost Team Edition server through an Android app. My Mattermost server is hosted locally and we use HAProxy to provide certificates. I’ve configured HAProxy for our Mattermost and from my Phone Browsers and my Desktop Browsers I can connect through https with no issues securely.

But using the Android Mattermost app I receive an “Untrusted Certificate” error?

I’ve tested our cert using sslshopper and there are no issues found.

Is there something I’m missing when using the Android app for Mattermost? Any information this forum can provide for me would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

I’ll chock this one up to user error. I fixed my problem by reloading my haproxy config file. This has solved my problem with not being able to connect using my Android app.

Case closed. Cheers!

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