Unread notification on channels


Would it be possible to get clearer notification if there are unread messages in one of the channels? Currently, the channel name is displayed in a somewhat brighter color, but it doesn’t really attract attention of all of our users. They react immediately to private messages, but if we write something in Town Square, they seem to miss it.


That’s on purpose, so that you don’t get bombarded with notifications on public channels. Imagine a public channel with 50 users chatting.
To call the attention of the user you can use @ and the user name in the message and they’ll get notified, like @johndoe or you can use @channel in the message and everybody in the channel will get notified


Especially with Town Square, it seems dumb to use @ per user that should read it. Those messages are general and for all.

I would opt for just a clearer visible notification in the same way that unread messages are indicated on private channels, instead of just making the channel name bold. Could as well be a configurable setting. I understand that we don’t want popups or emails and other disturbing things.


I’m not a mattermost developer, but the way I understand it is like this:

  • Bold: People are talking in that channel since last I opened it
  • Number: Someone is talking directly to me or mentioning me in the conversation

That’s why privates have the unread notification because the message is always direct to you

In our organization we have several channels depending on people roles, so instead of sending a message in Town Square to multiple users, I send it the “Database” channel (if I want to notify those involved in the database)

But I guess each organization has different needs.