Unable to connect to Matermost server when secure connection is Enabled


my server(4.6.0) is working great and clients are connecting using http://myserver:8065

Now I’m trying to enable secure connection using TLS and Let’s Encrypt Key. It seems to be an easy task but I’m unable to connect to the server once those are enabled via admin console and after service restart.

Any toughts? Am I missing something?



Hi @RbDev,

Thanks for your feedback,

Perhaps this documentation will help?

This forum post might also help with troubleshooting?


Hi Lindy,

I’ve tried using the documentation but I can’t use port 443. This is being used by my webserver.

Mattermost Settings:
Port: 8065
Connection Security: TLS
Forward Port 80 to 443: False
Activate CAP_NET_BIND_SERVICE: No since this seems to only be needed for 443 port.
Use Let’s Encrypt: True
Service Restart.
Can’t log in.

The forum you linked seems to be related to specific TLS key. It should not affect Let’s Encrypt.

The log doesnt point any issues.

Let me know your toughts.