Mattermost Peer-to-Peer Forum

There are no links to create a group and admin console


thank you, problem solved

But there was another problem:

  • the system massege " Вы прикидает команду ." - allowed syntax error.
    I changed the translation file: ru.8f6b5175f9fbb6183510da18b2611478.json
    but changes in the file do not occur on the site mattermost

Are there any ideas?


please edit this setting “”: “{firstUser} прикидает команду.”, on покидает команду in json file
download json file on link “ru.8f6b5175f9fbb6183510da18b2611478.json”:

PS If you use a mobile phone, there is no problem


Hi @Shevchik, I’m not able to open the file, can you help repost it?


thanks, the problem is resolve and fix in Mattermost v.5.8.0