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Team names starting with a number


I would like to be able to start a team name with a number.

The number in my case is to signify the technology generation and is how we know in what domain a user is working in my organization.

Would this be possible, or is there some specific reason as to why this limitation is in place?


Currently you can set Team Names with a leading number, but the team URL cannot contain a leading number. I would suggest entering your team name as desired (eg 1testing) and the URL can be letters, eg one-testing.


Ok, the problem then is that we quickly run into the 15-bit char problem addressed by this forum post and related feature request unless we give more or less randomly generated team URLs to each channel.

A problem then is that the URL doesn’t reflect the team name in any/some way, and if we look at a scenario with 100000+ dynamically managed channels, then many probably want to be able to find a channel through specific naming, like e.g. ./PR12345-tech-discuss. It would create confusion as to whether you’d easily find a channel based on previous knowledge of URL and naming. If we start to automate more, then we would be able to determine a URL without even having to ask through some API/RESTful service for something where we may need to parse the output to be able to definitively say if this is the correct link or not.