Team edition: Max users per team/Max channels per team/Max notification per channel parameters


It seems that by configuration the following parameters are limited to:
Max users per team : 50
Max channels per team : 2000
Max norification per channel: 1000

My question is: Why those numbers are so relatively small?
Will Mattermost team edition work well with the following parameters?

Max users per team : 10000
Max channels per team : 40000
Max norification per channel: 1000

  • All users belong to the same team

Thank you


Hi @JH635 - team edition is designed for smaller teams, so we keep the max values small since they should work on most set ups.

It’s possible to increase to more than 50 users, we recommend taking a look at your hardware sizing and also considering how things like channel organization and social norms will scale as team size grows to see if any Enterprise features are needed.

We also have load tests available, so you can test performance for your specific set up to see how high it can scale.