Some Avatars missing - differs by client platform



We’re running MM 3.8.2. We are getting reports (and I see it myself) of SOME custom user avatars being replaced by the generic avatar. This seems to vary by user, and even by client. For example, on Mac client and Web client, my avatar is missing. If I use the IOS Beta client, I can see my own avatar.

On the Mac client I’ve tried “clear cache and reload” but no change in behavior. Any ideas?




Hi @JohnOCFII,

Thanks for your feedback,

Could we have your help upgrading to the latest version of Mattermost which shipped May 16th to see whether the issue still persists?


Yes, we plan to upgrade to the latest (3.9.0) next week.




Thanks @JohnOCFII,

Please let us know whether this issue still persists after upgrading…


We’ve upgraded to 3.9.0, and the problem did not resolve itself. What I don’t know yet is if now that we are at 3.9.0 the problem will go away. For example, I’ve re-uploaded my avatar manually, and did a “Clear cache and reload” from the Mac client. All (known) avatars for others users (and my own) are now showing properly.

I see now that 3.10.0 was just released today too. :slight_smile:




Hi @JohnOCFII,

Thanks for letting us know that things are looking good so far with avatars showing up.

Although there were no security fixes in v3.10.0, it might still be a good idea to upgrade as I believe the avatar issue is fixed with this version.

Please let us know how it goes!