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[SOLVED] Login to Mattermost from browser by skipping the login form


Is there a way to login to mattermost from a browser without writing the credentials directly in the login form?
Something like ?
It can be great to allow some temporary users to join the chat without the need to remember the password.

REST API not helping here because after a login, I should set the cookie with a token manualy.

Thank you

Http request intercept before login page or login authentication without password
Autologin without user and password
Integrate mattermost in a django project with existing users by setting mmauthtoken cookies

Acquire the token using the API and then set it directly to the user browser with your code, in PHP for example:

setcookie($key, $value, time()+60*60*24*30, '/', '', true, true);

And the cookie will remain for the period set on the config, I think 30 days by default.

Then you can simple redirect the user to your mattermost, for example, in PHP:

header("Location:", true, 302);

All the above can be done programmatically, nothing needs to be done manually.


Great idea, thank you @prixone.


Let us know if that works for your needs so we can mark this as solved, thanks :wink:


Please mark it as solved :slight_smile:


hi @prixone
i have some question…

if i use API for authentication(login), can i use API without password?

and, I’m wondering that i want to decrypt user password if i access database

so, what is method of encryption for user password

if you mind, let me know that how to fix it


You post:
setcookie($key, $value, time()+606024*30, ‘/’, ‘’, true, true);

I suppose the $value is the token created, but what do I have to write for $key?