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[SOLVED] Is there a way to customize default emojis?


I would like to know if it’s possible to custom the default emojis.

Example: for :D, I would like to keep the :D but I want to change the displayed picture of it.

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Hi @DarckCrystale,

Thanks for your question.

You can create your own custom emoji but clicking on the “3-dot main menu”, selecting “Custom Emoji” and then creating the emoji in the modal that opens up.

Your administrator will need to allow creation of custom emoji in the system console though.

Does this help?

I think it’s about changing the standard set of emoji.
Our users also have lamentation to them, but include the ability to create their own do not want.
Is it possible to change the standard collection of emoji?
Or lock the standard in favor of their own?

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Hi @lindy65!

We use custom emojis, but I would like to edit the default one (like @danilvoe said), so your answer does not help me :sob:

Hi @DarckCrystale and @danilvoe,

Thanks for your feedback,

At the moment it’s not possible to edit the emoji set but perhaps you’d like to help add a suggestion to our feature ideas forum where you, and others, can vote up to 10 times to increase the popularity of the suggestion?


I’ve done it, you can find the suggestion here: https://mattermost.uservoice.com/forums/306457-general/suggestions/19433266-edit-default-emojis

Thank you @lindy65! :heart:

Thanks @DarckCrystale,

I’ll close this issue off here as we’ll track with the UserVoice issue.