[SOLVED] Chat not updating on multiple devices logged in to the same account


Ive noticed an issue with Server 4.6.0 and Client iOS 1.5.2.

When I have multiple devices connected to same account. Only the device I use first is receiving new messages. The others remain outdated(without the new messages). The only way to update the chat is by forcing the app to update using refresh gesture(slide down).

I can replicate it in my iPhone and iPad.

The mobile client should always be updated. This can be done by making sure the server is notifying all the connected clients or updating the client everytime it is activated(get focus).



just to confirm, you are not getting the messages in the app when the app is open on all devices? They aren’t showing up at all without a manual refresh?
It isn’t referencing push notifications, correct?

Assuming I understand the issue, I have not seen the issue on my devices (I usually have a couple androids, the webapp, and iOS open during development) but I am also running the edge mobile version.
I will try and reproduce and let you know what I find.



Ive tried to replicate but it seems its not happening anymore.

You can close this post.


Thanks @RbDev, I’ll mark this issue as solved :slight_smile: