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[SOLVED] Cannot make API calls

I am working with the Mattermost web services and have followed along with the guide located here. I have no trouble obtaining a session token and then making a GET call to the example API URL (curl -i -H 'Authorization: Bearer hyr5dmb1mbb49c44qmx4whniso' http://localhost:8065/api/v3/users/me). However, when I try to make calls to any other APIs, I receive the following error:

{"id":"api.context.404.app_error","message":"Sorry, we could not find the page.", "detailed_error":"There doesn't appear to be an api call for the url='API_URL'. Typo? are yo missing a team_id or user_id as part of the url?"...

For example, I was trying to make a call to http://localhost:8065/api/v3/channels/CHANNEL_ID/posts/0/5 and received the above error. The same occurs when I try to make a call to api/v3/posts/POST_ID. For the CHANNEL_ID and POST_ID I am retrieving the specific IDs from the postgresql database.

What am I doing wrong? Am I supposed to include a team_id or user_id when I make calls?

Hi @thej

Have you tried http://localhost/api/v3/channels/CHANNEL_ID/posts/page/0/5 ??

Hi @elias,

I tried that and got the same error. For the channel ID, do I use the name of a channel in mattermost or the auto-generated ID of a channel found in the PSQL database? I tried both and had no luck with either. I think this may be a problem with setup, but I’m not sure where to look.

Here is a full error message:

{"id":"api.context.404.app_error","message":"Sorry, we could not find the page.","detailed_error":"There doesn't appear to be an api call for the url='/api/v3/channels/[CHANNEL_ID OBTAINED FROM PSQL DATABASE]/posts/page/0/5'.  Typo? are you missing a team_id or user_id as part of the url?","request_id":"","status_code":404,"is_oauth":false}

I’ll try this later on today and I’ll post back

Ok @thej

The thing is that you need to build the URL like this

http:///api/v3/teams//channels//posts/page/0/5 in your example.

Hope this solves your problem.

Let me know

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@elias This worked like a charm!!! Thank you very much. How did you figure out to include teams/ in the URL so I can employ the same process for future API calls? For reference, I’ve been consulting the source code at and at to come up with the URLs I’ve been making requests to.

Hi @thej

At the beginning of you have all the routes prefix you can use that as a starting point.

Can you please set the title of this thread as [SOLVED] Cannot make API calls ?

Thanks my friend, I’m glad it helped.

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