[SOLVED] Android Url App doesn't work (Bitnami OVA)


i’m newbie in Mattermost but the software is TOP!
i’m testing mattermost with the ova of Bitnami but this server haven’t a valid certificate…
Is this the reason why the Android app does not accept the URL? The Smarthphone is in lan trhrought wifi … and insert https://172.16.x.x in the url seting of app… but don’t work.


Hi @andrea.soc,

Thank you for your feedback,

We have this issue that seems similar to yours. Does the information help?


yes @lindy65 is the same problem


Thanks @andrea.soc,

I see you’ve commented on the above issue so I’ll close this one off for now and we can track via the GitHub issue.


ok thanks @lindy65 follow github