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Slack Alternative - How to Migrate and Install Mattermost / Riot

Hi Everyone,

I’m looking for an alternative to Slack. We’re currently on its free version which was fine before but we need the history of messages being sent in the channels, etc. We have some 150+ members as we’ve grown and paying $5 per user per month is just not feasible.

For that same cost, as we grow, I feel that a selfhosted alternative is perhaps the better route (though I defer to everyone’s expertise here)

From researching on this Subreddit and Googling, it seems like Riot or Mattermost is a better alternative. I’m primarily looking to

  1. Migrate as much data as possible from our current Slack to Mattermost or Riot so we don’t lose any of it. If that means we have to make a one-time payment to Slack for a month to retain all that data, that’s fine.
  2. Install either Riot or Mattermost on our AWS

I do NOT have a DevOps background and would be happy to pay a fee to any trusted, professional providers that could do this for me. If anyone has any recommendations on how to find/vet these individuals, I would very much appreciate the help.

Does anyone have any thoughts on Riot or Mattermost? Which one requires the least amount of maintenance?

Thank You