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Signup link does not appear to be valid

Hi there,

I met a problem after I updated to 5.9.0. The signup link doesn’t appear to be valid and the invite link is invalid. I attached the screenshot.

Hi @Michelle,

Can you help with more details on your config settings around Users and Teams:

Hi Amy,

I didn’t find the account related settings in my config.json, should I add them? I just copied the old config.json to the new version, nothing changed.

Hi Amy,

I found the settings in system console. The “Enable Account Creation” is enabled.

Hi @Michelle, can you help with reproduction steps on how you get to the window with the error message? Were you just creating a new user? Do you know if other users on your server are seeing this issue?

Hi Amy,

Steps as below, I’m the admin of mattermost so I invite new comer to join mattermost.

  1. I invited the new comers via email.
  2. New comer receive an email and clicked the joining link
  3. We got the error as I attached on the first image. I will attached it again.

Hi @Michelle, can you also share your System Console settings for Authentication > Email Authentication? Do you see any errors in Mattermost logs when this issue occurs?

Hi Amy,

The log as below and I attached the screenshot of Authentication.
Error log:
2019-05-20T05:11:35.174Z error web/context.go:52 Invalid or missing term in request body {“path”: “/api/v4/users/search”, “request_id”: “r6daa4p7nid4zx616p
dszz5yno”, “ip_addr”: “”, “user_id”: “3sy4176t6tf9jnk3wm1mjx4mda”, “method”: “POST”, “err_where”: “Context”, “http_code”: 400, “err_details”: “”}

Hi @Michelle, does the invitation link start with http or https?
Also, wondering if this earlier thread might help: Troubleshoot Mattermost error: "The signup link does not appear to be valid".

Hi Amy,

I have checked, the invitation link started with https, it is not the same like the topic you posted. I will try to upgrade MM to latest version to see if we still get the same problem.