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Security advisorise page

Hello everyone!
I am working on an open source project that requires fetching security advisories from mattermost. So far, I’ve found this page for the releases (/security-updates/ on mattermost website. I cannot post a link as that gets automatically flagged for some reason), is this the only page or is there any other github/yml/json resource from where I can fetch the advisories ?

For reference, so far it’s only been the advisories page, but going forward we hope to start assigning CVEs, but we don’t have an ETA on that yet.

Thank you for the reply. While we are on it can we have a validation script for the advisories page as well (or advisories exported to JSON).
There are multiple irregularities, which if solved, would really help us.

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I think that you would be best suited to submitting a feature request to the Mattermost team, which will begin the official consideration and eventual implementation process of your ideas here if they are approved. :slight_smile:

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Is that the official page ? I had no idea. I’ll do that.

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Yes! For further information, I also would highly suggest reading the following article on the Mattermost website about Contributing Feature Proposals.

I hope it helps! :slight_smile:

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