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Raspberry Pi 4, Mattermost inside Docker?

First Post. :slight_smile:

Has anyone tinkered with getting Mattermost working on a Raspberry Pi 4? Doing a normal Docker install of Mattermost? I’m guessing that running from an SSD, in a SATA-to-USB3 enclosure (~~200ish MB/sec) would be smart, to get far faster disk I/O than what can be had on a MicroSD card (~20ish MB/sec).

Are there any obvious ARM-related bugs which can and will happen in Mattermost, or any of it’s dependencies, which do not happen on AMD64?

Hi @esbeeb,

I have never run Mattermost on something else than good ol’ Intel and AMD chips, but there is a project on Github which builds the Mattermost team edition for different architectures and OSs.

You can find it at

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A couple of notable developments:
“Balena releases first fully functional 64-bit OS for the Raspberry Pi 4”:

This might be the best way at present to run Mattermost in a Docker container, on a RPi 4 SBC.

Also, the Raspberry Pi Engineers themselves are working hard, to add a 64-bit Linux kernel to Raspbian, then later will follow all 64-bit userland software: