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Good morning,

I was wondering if there is a limit on the number of users to be able to exist in a team in the free version. By the way is it possible in this release too, to fully isolate each team members?. I mean not to allow sharing between them and talking members of a team to another one… etc…

Very thankful for the answer :slight_smile:
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The only limit to the number of users in Mattermost Team Edition is how many your server can support.

To segment the users you can create multiple teams on the Mattermost server. More information on teams is available here


There are also a couple of settings that you might find useful:

  • You can limit the number of users on a single team. It’s set to 50 by default, but you can change it as you like. More information is available here.
  • You can make it so that users can only see other users on their team for direct messages, but that’s only in the UI so a savvy user could still get around that. More information on that is here



has there been a change to this ? We are running the free edition at the moment, but no matter which number I set in config.json or system console, I can not add more than 20 users to a team.

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Hi @Chris1,

You can add more users by adjusting this setting:


AW: [Mattermost Forum] [General Questions] Questions about open and free version
Hi Amy,

thanks for your email. I know this setting, but it has no effect. No matter what I set there, I can not add more than 20 users to a team.

I´m on 5.4 at the moment.


Hi @Chris1,

What error message do you get, or do you see any errors in logs?


AW: [Mattermost Forum] [General Questions] Questions about open and free version
Hi Amy,

no errors. All I have is that whenever I create a new team and start adding users, the number of users is limited to max 20 users, regardless of what I set in config.json or in system console.

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AW: [Mattermost Forum] [General Questions] Questions about open and free version
Btw. same 20 user limitation exists when I try to add users to an existing channel, e.g. off topic-



I´ve made some screenshots showing the problem. Even tried installing from scratch, no luck.

Since I can only post one image per message, plus I cannot post more than three replies, I can only show you the screenshot below.


I can provide screeenshots of config.json or system console showing that I have configured MaxUsersperteam or MaxUsersperChannel accordingly.

So my question is : Is this a limitation of the free version ? If so, we would need to move on to evaluate another tool since we definetly need more than 20 users on channels and teams.

If not (and I can see no such limitation in any documentation), please be so kind to point me in the right direction - what am I doing wrong ?

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Hi @Chris1,

The text that you circled means that you can add 20 people to a channel / team at a time. So once you have listed 20 people in the text box, you can add those people, and then after that you can add 20 more people, etc. Does this help?


Hi Amy,

sorry for the late reply - I was on sick leave. Yes actually, it was me being stupid, one can add 20 members at a time up to the number set in config.json.

Thanks for your patience.

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Hi @Chris1, no worries, the text is a little misleading and we have received a few other reports about this. We’ve forwarded this to our UX team and they will consider if we should tweak the text or make other changes to make it less confusing.