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PNG preview got ugly black backround

When I attach a PNG image to my message, the semi-transparent parts become black on the thumbnail preview and on the image viewer. I can still download the original picture, but that’s quite annoying.

Steps to reproduce
I had this issue with Mattermost 5.37.0 and I upgraded today to Mattermost 5.38.0 and still have the same bug. Before 5.37.0, I didn’t had this issue. I’m using Ubuntu Server 18.04.5 LTS.

To reproduce it, you just have to upload a PNG image with semi-transparent zone (any window screenshot from the macOS native Capture.app for example)

Expected behavior

Observed behavior

Hi, @Zlitus

Can you confirm which version of Mattermost desktop you are on and the theme that you are using? Is it also reproducible on the web browser too?

I tested this on the following environment and verified that the PNG image preview (from screen capture) looks like this:

  • Mac OS Big Sur 11.4
  • Mattermost Server 5.38.0
  • Mattermost Mac OS app 4.7.1

Are you looking at having only the full image appearing on the screen minus the black background?


Yes I do have the same issue with the native client and with the web version into the browser. On your screenshot, you don’t have the issue because your PNG do not have a semi-transparent (alpha) area, can you please try with this PNG for example?

Thank you very much.

We have a ticket for this here: https://mattermost.atlassian.net/browse/MM-36295


Amazing, thank you very much.
As a way to fix it and to improve the display and to reduce the bandwidth, I would suggest to stop to convert all PNG to JPEG, but to convert all PNGs to webP.