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Notifications delay on ios

i have installed mattermost on my computer and on my iphone. the notifications on my iphone are always delayed (between 2-12 minutes) after i get the messages on my computer. i have turned on background actualization but it seems it is not actualizing often enough. it doesn’t work like other messengers. does anyone have any idea what could be the reason?

What Mattermost mobile app and server versions are you on?

Hello, @lene

Besides the information requested by @amy.blais, I would like to also share the article that we have written for delay in push notifications on mobile apps - Why do I sometimes see a delay in receiving a push notification?.

Unless you are referring to the real time notification between the desktop and mobile app, I have tested this in the following environment:


  • Mattermost Server 5.21.0


  • Mac OS 10.15.3
  • Mattermost Mac Desktop App 4.4.0


  • iOS 13.4
  • Mattermost iOS App 1.29.0

Messages that I send and received when having both apps open side by side is real time. I.e. text / image / attachments that I send or receive from / to both apps will appear immediately.

Can you share more information on this background actualization feature so I can check on it as well? Any articles / documentation that you refer to will help.

good morning,

app version: 1.29.0 (build 276)
server version: 5.7.0.
mac os: 10.11.6
mattermost mac desktop app: 4.4.0 (

thanks for your help!

Would you be open to upgrading your server to a more recent version? Our most recent version is v5.21.0.

unfortunately i can’t since it is not my server but the office’s server. do you have any idea what the problem could be or do you also think it might have to do something with the things that are described in the article of ahmaddanial? i tried out a few more things and i think i noticed mattermost on the phone actualizes quicker, when the app is already started. but could also be a coincidence.

Hello, @lene

The article I shared earlier explains the possibility of the delay due to either APNS or FCM. Besides the suggestion of upgrading, can you please provide more context on what you actually mean by the mobile app actualizing quicker when it has started? Can you provide screen recording / screen shots to this?