"No teams are available to join", how do I create one?



I am missing concrete steps as to how to configure a server to allow the first user to register as admin and enter the system console, or create teams.

Steps to reproduce

I have installed Mattermost from the Docker container and started the container using the default config file.

Expected behavior

I was expecting to be able to:

  • Register a user and have that user be an admin
  • Create a team
  • Enter the system console

This is even mentioned in the docs:

Create the first team and user. The first user in the system has the system_admin role, which gives you access to the System Console.

Observed behavior

I was first greeted by just the login page, without a possibility to register. So I went into the configuration and set EnableOpenServer to true. Now I could register the first user.

When I log in as that user, I now see:

No teams are available to join. Please ask your administrator for an invite.

But how do I create a team in the first place? I was expecting to land on a system console page, or get an option to create a team.

It therefore seems like the documentation does not reflect the actual steps required to a) enable user creation and b) create teams.

Any help would be appreciated.


Never mind, I noticed that an old database volume was not yet deleted.

I had to docker-compose stop && docker-compose rm and then rm -rf volumes to start fresh.


Hi @slhck I had the same issue with AWS beanstalk deployment. Can you help me? I tried with multiple times to create app from scratch, I have no luck.


Sorry, the only thing I know that helped was to nuke everything. If you already have one user set up, and consequently have one team already, you have to log in as that user and go to the System Console to manage the system. You may be able to use a CLI-based database access to find out what the respective user is.


Actually I installed Mattermost recently.so I didn’t get properly the way to create team?I am sure many people wants to know this as they are also facing the problem and also taking a help from Microsoft Support Canada to know about this.so may I know the way to creat a new tem in detail??


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