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No Notifications on Android (LineageOS17)


I have recently set up a Mattermost server for my friends and myself. Unfortunately I am currently facing a strange problem.

I received a message that there are no push notifications on my friend’s phone. He uses an Android phone with LineageOS 17 ROM without any Google services.

He has both Mattermost Apps (Mattermost & Mattermost Beta) installed. But he does not receive any notifications on either.
On my Android phone, as well as on all others, everything works. Also the desktop clients work correctly.

Other apps notify him normally. It’s only the Mattermost apps that don’t work.

He has already reinstalled the apps several times and cleaned his active sessions before every reinstall.

We have also already checked his Android permissions and battery settings. They are consistent with other working apps.
can this be a problem of missing Google services?

is there anyone who might be able to help me with this?
Thank you very much.

Have you tried the troubleshooting docs

Hi Amy,
Thank you very much for your reply. Yes, I have already performed every step of the troubleshooting doc. Unfortunately I have not received a debugging log for his device.
If he issues a test push in his app, it works as intended.

So I thought it might have something to do with the missing Google services. I can’t find anything on the web whether mattermost is using the Google services or not.

but I can restart the whole debugging process at step 2 of the document.

Could either of these docs help?

Hi Amy,
thank you again. I do not use a special push server. i have installed the free version and use the free test push server, nor have I made any special settings. TLS is enabled and runs with a Let’s Encrypt certificate.

The push should only include Generic description with sender and channel names. And it works correctly on 9 of 10 devices (Android/iOS). The only device that does not work is my friend’s LineageOS Android. All other notifications work fine on his device.

I have a small update.
since my last answer my friend has completely deleted his phone and installed the new version LineageOS 17.1 Stable (Android 10).
He has deleted every Android app from his active sessions and installed the app completely new.
Unfortunately he still doesn’t receive any notifications. After that we tried every available mattermost app (mattermost classic & mattermost beta from the fdroid store as well as mattermost&mattermost beta apk from the google play store). but unfortunately he still doesn’t receive any notifications.
His older phone and his windows client, still get all notifications.

we have checked all notifications and app-specific settings, but it looks exactly the same as on his other phone. the test notification, which is issued by the app itself, also works as it should.

since the app is available in the f-droid store, i don’t think it has anything to do with the missing google play services. unfortunately i can’t find out what’s wrong.

is there anything else i can do?
Thank you very much.

Would you be open to sending youe notifications.log file?

sure. should I copy the whole file in here or can I upload it somewhere?

You can paste them here or you could save them in a onedrive and paste the link to it here.

The file is quite large. I therefore share it via my Nextcloud. The second file contains the affected user-/session ID. Unfortunately I do not know how to find out the device-id.