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New admin advisor notifications in Mattermost v5.26

We continuously learn about large servers with 100s and 1,000s of daily active users who run Mattermost, which is exciting to see!

To better support these large deployments, we are releasing new admin advisor notifications in Mattermost v5.26 (releasing on August 16, 2020). These notifications give administrators quick access to optionally contact support for additional assistance with a single click. They also include links to useful resources for user management and provisioning to support large systems.

When these notifications are triggered, a System Admin receives a bot message notification, and for larger instances a dismissable daily banner with quick access to contact support.

If you have any questions about your deployment, or have feedback about our advisor notifications, let us know. We’re here to help.

Mattermost Team


How do you disable this in the opensource-version? It’s very annoying and intrusive.

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“You now have over 500 users. We strongly recommend that you upgrade to our Enterprise edition.Learn more” Is constantly showing up on top after opening the site.

This is really annoying and intrusive. Where can it be disabled?

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Will there be any reaction to this? :thinking:

Hi @khanan and @techniker. I’m working with the team to track down bugs and make some updates to the advisor. After the updates, window refreshes won’t cause the banner to reappear, and the advisor bot will send a single message.

If you click “Learn more” and then “Contact us”, the notifications should stop. If they do in fact reappear, let us know—we’ve heard some reports of this but haven’t been able to reproduce the issue. Having server logs will help us debug: when the notification reappears, go to the menu > System Console > Server Logs. Then, in the banner, click “Learn more” and then “Contact us”. If the banner still doesn’t disappear, send us the server logs and we’ll take a look.

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As an additional tweak I would like to suggest looking at the users that are actually active. I have a feeling that a lot of public instances accumulate users over time, but many users never return, and there’s no easy way to mass-deactivate accounts. Here’s my situation for example:


There’s a 10x factor between total active users and monthly active users.

Login to your mattermost server via ssh, go to where you installed it and run:
bin/mattermost user delete mattermost-advisor

Answer YES with capitals to whatever it asks for twice. Bye annoying advisor.

Note: They will most likely patch this after they notice it can actually be disabled. Oh well, I guess next time we’ll just have to rebuild the entire mattermost binary because, you know, annoying their customers with useless features gets them new users.

Hint: It doesn’t. In fact it’s a surefire way to get people to migrate to other platforms.