Mattermost, Inc.

Native support for voice, video or screen sharing?

Could someone clarify for me whether Mattermost has “its own” voice, video & screen sharing features, or are these functions purely integrations with other services such as Zoom to handle the calls?



Hi @steveharman, you can find more info of the available voice, video and screenshare options here:

Thanks. So it does seem that integrating with external 3rd party services is necessary for voice, screen sharing & video calling?

I’m just trying to get my head around the requirements if we moved from Slack - where all those features are handled natively within the product itself.


Hi Steve - that’s correct, though there are several self-hosted options that you can run on-premises in cases when an integration with a cloud provider is not desired.

For many of the other options, the set up should only take a few minutes, and Kopano WebMeetings provides an embedded 1-1 audio/video option into the Mattermost interface.