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Mobile push notifications


I’m using a self-hosted Mattermost instance and I would need to activate push notifications for mobiles, from what I see I will need to set up a push proxy for this.
I have a small question about this, will this work with the official app on AppStore or do I need to compile a custom Mattermost app ?

Thank you in advance

Hi there, @Guizmo

Based on the Hosted Push Notification Service documentation we have here:

Both TPNS and HPNS only work with the Mattermost Apple App Store and Google Play apps. If you have compiled the apps yourselves, you must also host your own Mattermost push proxy server.

In this case, you will only have to host your own push proxy if you decide to compile the mobile app, unless you are planning to subscribe to the Hosted Push Notification Service which is available if you go the the E10 or higher offering.