MM iOS Client File Preview Not Available


Something already discussed but died at some point.
I can see preview working for some files in the prerelease version but I dont have any in my server.
Why is that? Is it settings missing? is it a plug in required?


Hi @RbDev! I’ll ask our RN team since I’m not sure. Can you help remind me what OS version you are using?


Hi @amy.blais,

I’m using iOS firmware v11.4.1 and MM client v1.10.0, MMserver v5.1.0 too.

It’s funny that logging into prerelease I can see some file previews but not when I’m logged to my server.

Is this a plugin feature? it’s very unusual.



Hi @RbDev - one of our engineers said it might be related to a configuration on your reverse proxy.


I can connect directly using port 8065 and still not get the previews


@RbDev You mentioned it works on pre-release - can you also help check if it works on your browser / webapp?


We are talking about iOS Client, not the browser.

On pre-release server, some files do preview like pictures, pdf, txt and music.

mp4 isn’t working.

But on my server, I get an icon screen.

The issue is: preview doesn’t work on my server like prerelease.


Hi @RbDev,

For this I’m wondering if it’s something to do with the file size - can you help check what your setting is set for max file size:

"FileSettings": {
    "EnableFileAttachments": true,
    "EnableMobileUpload": true,
    "EnableMobileDownload": true,
    "MaxFileSize": 1073741824,
    "DriverName": "local",
    "Directory": "./data/",
    "EnablePublicLink": false,
    "PublicLinkSalt": "gsigbowm6yszrahqyhs4pu7dxiqg9auw",
    "InitialFont": "luximbi.ttf",


@RbDev For this one, would you be able to share login access to your server? You can send a DM to @paul.rothrock on the pre-release server and he can test this out and observe logs / console for any indication why text file preview is not working on your server.


I cant give you access to my prod but I’m trying to get another MM server up.

As soon as I have it stable I will create a test account for you.

Thing is. I cant get S3 bucket to work. I’ve been asking for help longer than 2 months and still not working.