Message with multiple quoted paragraphs is rendered in multiple columns



When posting a message containing multiple quoted paragraphs, the message is rendered in multiple columns instead

Steps to reproduce

Mattermost 4.10.0
Post a message like this, then view it in any client (browser or desktop):

> some

> quoted

> content


Expected behavior

Expect to see three paragraphs rendered as quotes (as shown in the Preview)


Observed behavior

We see the three paragraphs alongside each other in columns.


Hi @gubbins! Thank you for reaching out.

I’m not able to reproduce this on the latest version (5.0.0 RC-7) - it is possible that we have fixed an issue related to this for 5.0.

We are releasing v5.0 today, so I’m wondering if you’d like to upgrade after it is available. You can also first test on our nightly build server which will be on v5.0 final version in a few hours.

Let me know any questions!