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Mattermost team at Cloud Podcast - ask your questions!


two members of the Mattermost team will join my next episode of Cloud Podcast (www.cloudpodcast.eu). We will record the show on thursday. The podcast will be recorded in english.

You have any questions, which should be answered by Mattermost team? Write them here and I will ask for you! Thanks and stay tuned!

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I’m listening to your podcastthanks for making it! :grinning:

Your English was almost perfect, IMHO.

Your Chapter 8 of the Podcast, mentions using a Raspberry Pi as an easy way to get started with a Mattermost install. This tutorial I wrote would be good instructions for installing the SmartHoneyBee unofficial Mattermost team server on a Raspberry Pi at present.

I was also glad to hear from Carlos that a Raspberry Pi (presumably a model 4B, say, 4 or 8GB of RAM) can handle 50-100 users. I’ve never taken my own Raspberry Pi 4 4gb that high yet in simultaneous users.

Had I asked a question in time for the podcast, it would have went like this:
For those who want to try a Mattermost Team Server docker install on a Raspberry Pi model4B, 8GB (which has plenty of RAM for docker), running Ubuntu 64bit 20.04, how can they opt to install with a docker image for Postgresql (which does exist for ARM 64), instead of the default Mysql (for which there is no docker image for ARM 64)?

By obtaining a satisfactory answer to this question, one can then avoid the unofficial SmartHoneyBee build (which avoids docker altogether, allowing the use of a database other than Mysql easily on an RPi4, such as MariaDB)

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Dear @benhartwich, I would humbly request that you interview the current build maintainer of Mattermost, named @hmhealey Harrison Healey, in an upcoming episode of your podcast.

Thanks - I think we can do in a few episodes to new feature etc. Just get in touch.