Mattermost Plugins in Beta! (Server v4.4.0)


Hey @danilvoe! Great question.

We’ve been working on the following items in recent releases:

Here are some upcoming changes we’re planning on:


Ability for plugins to intercept, modify or reject messages before they’re written to the database (PR #8791). This supports the following:

  • Plugins see every post going into the system, including system messages (with some exceptions)
  • Plugins can reject/modify any post before it reaches the DB, including system messages. Supports things like profanity filters. Example here:
  • Plugins can modify any field on the post object. This includes doing interesting things like setting CreateAt to 5 minutes from now or 5 years ago.

Summer 2018 (subject to change)

  1. Release a pre-built Gfycat plugin across desktop and mobile

  1. Add updating user statuses to the plugin API
  • Sample use case: Automatically update user status in Mattermost based on your meeting calendar in Gmail or Outlook/Exchange
  1. Add support for plugins to add options in the […] post dropdown menu
  • Sample use case: Report inappropriate post via the […] post dropdown menu
  1. Add support to customize file upload icon
  • Sample use case: Upload files from Google Drive or OneDrive via the file upload icon
  1. Enhance webhook interactive message capabilities through (currently supports interactive buttons)
  • Message menus
  • Forms and dialogs


Is there documentation for all the plugin related config keys? These for instance:

  "PluginSettings": {
        "Enable": true,
        "EnableUploads": true,
        "Directory": "./plugins",
        "ClientDirectory": "./client/plugins",
        "Plugins": {},
        "PluginStates": {
            "com": {
                "Enable": true

Two of us seem to be having the exact same problem at the moment: Custom Plugin not found after upload/activation.