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MatterMost on Azure

I am keen to discover any reference architecture specifically for the Open Source Team Edition on Microsoft Azure.

For instance can I use Azure Balancer instead of Nginx?
Can I use Azure Database for PostgreSQL (PaaS PostgreSQL) instead of a VM?
Can I use Azure Database for MySQL (PaaS MySQL) instead of a VM?
Can I use Azure Web Application Firewall if decide to make the application over the public internet, oppose to an internal network or VPN, etc.
I can see that AWS S3 is described in the reference architecture, therefore can I use a Azure Container for the File Store?

It appears that the MatterMost content is stored in the File Store, therefore I would like to understand what is stored in the database?

If I went with a IaaS architecture, so MatterMost VM running Ubuntu and another VM hosting the database. Can I use Azure disk encryption to further protect the data?

If I went with a VM for the database what OS versions are supported?

If I went with a IaaS architecture and had a separate VM for the MatterMost server and database server, were does the File Store get installed?

Hello! I can help you with answering some of your questions, although I unfortunately don’t use Azure enough to be able to provide insights on the more specific questions you are asking. Here is what I can tell you though:


The Database contains the User information, such as username, email, last login, etc, as well as a hash of the users’ passwords. It also includes the teams, and their messages, as well as a record of all the uploaded attachments, and where they belong (what messages the attachments were sent in), as well as plugin and integration data.


If you wanted to utilize an at-rest data encryption method for both attached files uploaded through mattermost, as well as for the data within the database, I personally think it would be plausible to do this, however it would need to be implemented carefully to ensure that whatever the decryption and encryption method is will function and complete the encryption and decryption of the files and data before it is handled by Mattermost.


I would suggest using Ubuntu, that is what I use, although you can certainly use a variety of other distributions, such as RHEL, CentOS, etc. You should be able to easily install and deploy a MySQL database from any of the above, using the command line and the OS’s given package management utility.


The file store would be installed on the VM for the Mattermost server, which would be the “primary” server - the server that hosts the domain, and runs the Mattermost service.

Please feel free to ask additional questions, or contact me directly for further clarification or assistance, I’m glad to be of assistance!

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