Mattermost marking users "offline" when they are "away"


Thanks for the feedback @Ju_St,

Let us know what you find… :slight_smile:


I can confirm that the problem is resolved by changing to any of the default templates. Also other users don’t face the issue if they don’t use customized templates. Hope that helps!


We use default templates and still have this issue.


Hi @cpc,

Could you share which server version of Mattermost you have installed? There have been a few releases since this issue was first opened in October last year and I’m wondering whether it will still reproduce for you if you upgrade to the latest version?


Good to hear! Thanks @Ju_St!


Strangely enough the issue re-appeared a few days ago. It was working fine after switching to one of the standard templates, but now the status shows as offline again, when the window is minimized for a while.


Hi @Ju_St,

Thanks for your feedback,

To clarify, are you saying the status goes to “offline” (as opposed to “away”) when the tab is minimised?


Yes, that is correct. It’s only the status display that shows the user as offline, everything else works, as if the user would be away/online. The weird thing is also that it doesn’t occur every time the window is minimized, but only at random occasions. When the bug occurs, re-opening the window will not switch the status display immediately, even when typing and sending a message (it’ll show the user as offline). Manually changing the status to online takes immediate effect. Also it’ll jump to online after a little while.


Thanks for your feedback @Ju_St,

Can you confirm you have upgraded to Mattermost server version 4.9 and Desktop App 4.0.1?

It will help to know this so we can help troubleshoot…


yes, I’m running both 4.9 and 4.0.1. Problem just occurred again.


The issue still happends with me also.

The db i use is the same i used in the previous version i had, an old one. Could be related to that?