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Keyboard shortcut for team panel switch



For switching between canals, the shortcut is ctrl+k. But it seems that there is currently no shortcut for switching the team. What about adding one?


Hi @psychoslave

Thanks for your note!

Is this feature perhaps something you’d like to help make a pull request for? If you’re open to helping, you can take a look at our Contributors Guidelines here.

If not, could you help create a feature suggestion on the forum. Here, you and others can up-vote the suggestion so it gains popularity.



Seems like there was a shortcut for it:

But it’s not working anymore…

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Any efforts being made to restore this functionality?


Instead of adding a new shortcut, Ctrl+k should allow to access all the channel from all the connected team.


I want this feature too. Having to use the cursor to switch between teams is such a pain…