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Kanboard Pllugin for Mattermost

Hello All,

I noticed recently TODO plugin was added for Mattemost which is in beta right now. Thank you for adding the TODO plugin!

Now, I also noticed there is a plugin for Kanboard on GitHub but it is not being maintained for Mattermost.

Any though on picking up the support for Kanboard plugin for Mattermost?

We are in the middle of deciding to go with Kanboard but had hoped that it was integrated into Mattermost but not sure if Mattermost team has any thoughts on the Kanboard.

Many thanks in advance of providing any feedback or directing me to another plugin within Mattermost that would do a job similar to Kanboard.

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Hello, @ssimkt

Can I please confirm if you were referring to the Mattermost plugin for Kanboard as I can see that the page has been dormant since 2 years ago?

I have also reached out internally to see if we have any updates on Kanban Plugin for Task Management as well. Not specific Kanboard but potentially something that you might also be interested with.

Hi Ahmaddaniel,
Yes, I am referring to the Mattermost plugin for Kanboard.
Yes, something that would manage and track tasks would be great.
Much appreciate any feedback.