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Jitsi (Plugin) within Mattermost


Hi guys,

I try to embed Jitsi with Mattermost.

I configure my Mattermost appliance ([]) in local machine, but I cannot set my plugin Jitsi within Mattermost. []

But i can not make that this worth for me…

I would appreciate your help.

Thank you!


Hi @CGonzalo! Thank you for reaching out.

The best option might be to directly contact the maintainer of the plugin, in this case Sean Sackowitz - maybe you could join our build server and you can DM him there or ask him in a public channel such as Peer-to-peer Help or Developer Toolkit. Other community members and our engineers might be able to help as well in the channels!


Hi @amy.blais ! Thank you for your response.

It’s fine, i will contact with him for this problem.

Anyway, if i found the solution, i will post here there.

Thank you!


@CGonzalo Hello,

We’re still waiting for your solution :smiley:


@jadjay @CGonzalo If you’re experiencing issues with the Jitsi plugin, you may also open a new issue in the GitHub repository so the maintainer can help review: