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iOS mobile app 1.9.0 doesn’t work with Japanese keyboard


When I use mattermost mobile app 1.9.0 in iOS, I can’t use the Japanese keyboard correctly. The Japanese keyboard converts hiragana(phonetic symbols) to kanji(ideographic symbols), but it doesn’t work in mobile app. This is a bug or my settings are incorrect? Do you have any ideas?


Hi @Yoto!

Thanks for reaching out. To give you the best help we can, could you review this web page and send us the relevant additional information, e.g. server version, iOS version, any logs, config files, etc. so we can diagnose this issue?

Also, if you have a screenshot / short video, this will help as well!


I encountered the same.

Usually, when we input japanese character, that characters are highlighted and can be converted other japanese format such as Katakana and Kanji and so on.

But on Mattermost mobile app v1.9.0 (build 112), inputted japanese character isn’t highlighted and cannot be converted. (I connect to mattermost server v5.0.0,

I find similar problems on other input box (search message, search channel, createchannel).

This problem is critical problem for communications in japanese.


There are similar reports in react-native repo.


It looks like a regression in RN dunno if we can do something about it but I can try and take a look, do you know if it was working fine for 1.8? That version uses a previous version of react-native


Sorry, I’m not sure if this was working fine for 1.8, because I had not inputted text on mobile app.
But recently I have seen someone reporting this problem, so I suppose that it was working fine for 1.8.


Same issue with typing Chinese, and I’m sure it was fine at 1.8, I use it every day


Hi all - letting you know that we are working on a 1.9.2 dot release which addresses these issues. I’ll let you know when the dot release is out.


@Yoto @kaakaa @Raguhn - v1.9.2 was just released to the app stores and it includes a fix for this issue! Please upgrade when you see the new version in the app store.


Actually, I’ve updated to 1.9.2. Still can’t type Chinese.

iPhone 6s, iOS11.4


Hmm…I updated to v1.9.2, but it seems that this problem hasn’t been resolved.


Thanks! I’ve notified engineers about this.


@Yoto@kaakaa @Raguhn Letting you know that v1.9.3 is now released to the app stores and will be available to download in the next few days. It includes further fixes for this issue.


After updating to v1.9.3, I can type japanese normally.
Thanks @amy.blais @elias


Great thanks! I confirmed that I can enter Japanese message without any troubles.