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iOS App Notifications

I just recently updated my Gitlab Omibus server and now have Mattermost 2.0. I downloaded the new iOS app(2.0). I am not receiving any type of notifications from the iOS app. I have notifications turned on. It seems like the iOS app is nothing more than a wrapper around a web browser and I want to make sure I am not missing anything.

Have you made sure you set a push notification server? The setting is mattermost['email_push_notification_server'] in /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb.

(And yes, currently the app is rather spartan.)

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Thanks for the reply, Ghost. I have not set this value and I really not sure what I would set it to. I have my own server. It is behind a firewall but I pass through select ports and could pass others through if need be. Looking for some guidance here.

The iOS app is just a reference implementation. (it’s supposed to give you a working example how things can be done.) If you still want to send push notifications without compiling it for your own company, you can follow these instructions in the mattermost docs. Keep in mind that this server is:

  1. not in your control
  2. not suited for production use
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Thanks, Ghost. All is working well now. The iOS App sends me notifications. I agree that the iOS app is “Spartan” but it’s a solid start!