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Incoming webhooks supporting GET

Why does Mattermost not support Incoming Webhooks with GET?

The problem is that Pingdom alerts with an HTTP GET. Slack has no problem with HTTP GET but in Mattermost not.
Is there a chance that Mattermost will in the future work with HTTP GET? At the moment is this problem the only Reason because our whole team doesn’t switch from Slack to Mattermost.

Hi Toni,

We’d like to make our incoming webhooks more compatible with Slack if possible, but I’m having trouble getting their incoming webhooks to work with a GET request using cURL. Are you able to send me an example where this is done?

Yes sure.

curl -X GET ‘{“check”%3A%20"00000"%2C%20"checkname"%3A%20"Test)"%2C%20"host"%3A%20"Test"%2C%20"action"%3A%20"assign"%2C%20"incidentid"%3A%200000%2C%20"description"%3A%20"down"}

With this curl (Replace the X with your Webhook) do I get this output in Slack:

Hi Toni,

We haven’t been able to find any Slack documentation on how they handle different parameters with a GET request, so we aren’t planning on implementing them at this time. If you’d like to open a feature request to add support for them, you can do so here.