Mattermost, Inc.

Image duplicated in data/ folder after unsuccessful upload attempts

I have tried several times to upload an image from the mobile app… then from the web app on my laptop, with no success.

I finally reduced the size of the image until it eventually worked. Then, 1 message appeared in the channel, containing the correct image.

However, on the server side, CPU was still clogged with mattermost binary activity until I restarted the service. And the data/ folder contains 17 copies of the image.

I am almost sure that all these copies are not necessary.

How do I cleanup / garbage collect the data/ folder on the server side?

Why was this upload so difficult (image was big – 5Mo, but that’s not this big)?

How do I configure the server (or clients?) so that images are automatically reduced before upload?

This is it, thank you for support :slight_smile: